What is Utah CER?

The Utah Center for Electoral Reform is a grass-roots non-partisan organization that was founded in November 2020 to provide education and support to Utahns seeking to improve how we vote.

Utah CER is a member of the Equal Vote Coalition, and advocates for science-based election reform.


Meet the Team

Ammon Gruwell, Founder/Executive Director

Ammon is a native Utahn, an Electrical Engineer, a former Utah legislative candidate, and a father of 4 boys. He has worked with existing national organizations such as Stand Up Republic, Represent Us, Unite America, and Fair Vote to build awareness of alternative voting methods for the last 5 years, but decided in 2020 that it was time to create a new organization focused on better voting right here in Utah.

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David Petersen, Communications Director

David is an entrepreneur and Oxford MBA graduate who is passionate about improving elections here in Utah and around the country. 

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